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Woven Hand

Raffle to Save Wovenhand

Raffle to Save Wovenhand

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It is no surprise to anyone who has been following my shop for the last two years, that wovenhand has been struggling greatly. Through lots of financial hardships, family emergencies, and so much more, my business has been basically hanging on by a thread.

As I’ve been financially trying to stay afloat with bills and constant shifts in the economy, I haven’t been able to restock my yarn in over a year. Through this raffle, I am hoping to scrape myself out of hole to restock my yarn and stay in business. 

The piece I am raffling off, is 24 inches, and would retail at around 2.5k. I will post progress pictures as I begin to work on it more and more. 

I will announce the winner after completion of the piece. This could take possibly months, so please be patient with me. 🤍 This raffle is open worldwide, but I can only cover shipping within the United States. 

You are welcome to enter the raffle as much as you’d like. 

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